Can I get a memorable number?

We know how important a memorable number can be to your business. We are able to supply a limited quantity of ‘GOLD’ numbers. To check availability please call our customer services team on 0844 357 0229.

What happens if someone hangs up when ‘on hold’?

If a customer hangs up before you have a chance to answer their call we will email you their phone number, providing it is not withheld. This is a very valuable tool for your company. Imagine the last time you were in a call queue and hung up in frustration. What if a few seconds later that company called you back and apologised for missing your call?! Turn a potentially negative customer experience into a positive one!

This is one of the most beneficial features a small business could want out of a telephone system.

Can I forward calls to a mobile phone?

Yes! You can route your queue number to any UK mobile phone number. However, due to the large charges imposed by mobile network operators, we make a small charge for this service. Once you sign up you will be able to load credit onto your account. This credit can be used to re-direct calls to any of up to five UK mobile numbers of your choosing. Instant top-ups are made through our secure billing partners ‘WorldPay’.

Can I choose the ‘on hold’ music?

Yes you can! Just log into your account, navigate to your number configuration page and click on the music drop down list to choose the “on hold” music that suits your company’s image. We even cover the performing rights licence payment so you don’t have to!

Can I have more than one number?

Yes. Once you are logged on to your account you have the option to add new numbers. Each number can be configured separately, so you can have a different number for sales, accounts, customer service etc.

Can I divert my 084 number to my VOIP number on my home router?

Yes. Our service works perfectly with VOIP services. At times, VOIP phones can take longer to begin ringing so we give you the option to extend the ring time of your 084 number when redirecting to a VOIP number making it work seamlessly.

You might want to check that your VOIP number is a normal geographic number and NOT a number starting with 05! 05 numbers are charged at a higher rate and we are NOT able to redirect to these numbers free of charge.