Important Changes

Due to new regulations, as of the end of this month (May 2014), UK businesses are restricted from using 0870 or 084 numbers for post-sale customer service lines. You are still able to use both 084 and 0870 numbers for the following:

  • Sales line
  • Advice lines
  • Customer service line pre sales
  • Accounts

There is no requirement to offer customers a post-sale phone number (you could just offer an email address or a postal address if you wish) but it is good practice to offer a post-sales support line.

We have local numbers, 0203 London numbers and 030 numbers available on our service, so if you wish to provide an additional post-sale service phone number for your customers we can arrange for one to be set up on your account today for you.

Why has this change been made?

In October 2011 the EU passed The Consumer Rights Directive (CRD) with the aim of simplifying consumer rights in certain important areas. It became UK law in December 2013 and comes into force across the EU in June 2014. For more background to this, including the list of exempted industries, please see the PhonePayPlus guidance.

What is an 03 number?

03 numbers provide a practical alternative to 084 numbers. They are non-geographic, meaning they are not related to a specific geographic area. They are also included in the ‘bundled’ minutes for the majority of mobile phone packages making these numbers attractive to callers.

Why use a Local number?

A local number is one linked to a geographic location. These numbers are useful if you are running a local business or want to appeal to people in a local area. Many companies have several local numbers in key sales arrears to attract more customers by promoting a local feel. We are able to offer numbers in over 150 UK towns and cities with immediate activation and any other areas with just 48 hours notice. We can also offer bundles of local numbers which extend your companies appeal.

Give your company a local presence

Give your business that local feel right across the UK by adding a local geographic number from any large town or city.

Add as many ‘local’ geographic numbers to your account as you might need. Each number will come thought to your office in the normal way and can be configured to play a whisper so you know where the call is from before you answer.

With low prices from just £4.97 per month when redirecting to a landline and just £14.97 per month when redirecting to both a mobile and landline, this means that even the smallest company can have the same advantages previously only available to big and national organisations.

Don’t wait! Show that you and your business are local today.

Get a local number!


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Get a free month of Unlimited Mobile Redirects & a Free ‘Fax to Email’ Number

Take control over your business even when you’re out and about. Redirect your incoming business calls to your mobile phone. Download the free iPhone and Android apps for total call management on the move.

Enjoy a free month of Unlimited Mobile Redirects plus a free dedicated Fax to Email number for as long as you keep your mobile redirects. Total call and fax management for just £9.97 a month.

Unlimited mobile redirects

You could be missing out on important business calls by not routing your switchboard number to your mobile phone.

Redirecting your 084 number to a mobile phone is easy with our new unlimited mobile redirects. With no risk of a large bill even for the biggest users, there’s now no reason why you shouldn’t receive calls on your mobile as well as your landline.

Our new unlimited mobile redirect offer gives you as many mobile call minutes as you need for a low fixed monthly payment.

Choose from two unlimited* mobile redirects options to suit your needs:

  • Single Number Offer – Only £9.97 per month
    Unlimited mobile redirect minutes for a SINGLE 084 number to any mobile or mobiles
  •  Complete Account Offer – Only £19.97 per month
    Unlimited mobile redirect minutes for ALL of your 084 numbers to any mobile or mobiles

There’s no minimum contract and as always, redirects to UK landlines as well as all call handling features are still completely free.

*Unlimited mobile redirect minutes are subject to fair usage policy of 2000 minutes for the "single number offer" per account per month and 5000 minutes for the "Complete account offer" per account per month. Unlimited mobile redirects apply only to mobile numbers on the following UK networks: Vodafone, O2, Orange, T Mobile, 3, and Tesco. Redirect minutes are calculated over a calendar month and unused minutes will not roll over to the next month. Should you exceed your fair usage policy, your mobile redirect may cease unless you top up your account manually at the standard rate. Should this be the case you will receive notification via email and SMS in advance.