The FREE call organiser

  • No more missed calls – no more lost opportunities!
  • Enhance your business image!
  • FREE to UK companies

Lost and unanswered calls or un-returned voice messages cost UK companies thousands of pounds in lost revenue every year. Now you can organise your inbound telephony in one place, it’s easy to use and simple to set up. FREE Switchboard is the essential business tool for today’s UK companies, sole traders, home workers, doctors surgeries and charities!

“This is the most powerful call handling system in the UK and it’s free for UK customers! NEVER miss a customer call again!”

Empower your business with a professional looking 084 number connected to our powerful call handling system. Free Switch Board is a professional auto attendant and call queuing system, so your customers never have to hear the engaged tones again!

Benefits for business users

This Product is 100% free for companies, organizations, sole traders, doctors surgeries, charities or professionals operating from within the UK with less than 60 employees.

Key features:

  • Free 084 local rate number gives your company a national presence
  • Zero purchase cost and running cost
  • Re-direct your calls to any UK location
  • Deliver your call to multiple locations within the UK
  • Voicemail to email & missed call notification to email features
  • No capital investment needed – save thousands on a large PBX
  • Update your system via our on-line control panel 24/7
  • Call re-routing to your home, office or multiple locations
  • NEVER miss a customer call again!
  • Professional phone image to create a corporate feel
  • Never let your customer hear the engage tone again
  • Choose a professional greeting
  • Give clients one contact number
  • Always be contactable
  • Messages can be accessed via your e-mail
  • You choose the caller’s greeting
  • Choose your own style, of on hold music for callers to listen to
  • Distribute your call evenly across multiple offices
  • Track your marketing efforts, use a separate Number for each advert
  • Track your calls on a ‘per number basis’ and easily make reports
  • Disaster recovery for your phones in an emergency situation

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